Managed Services

Like other agencies, we have full capabilities of managing your digital and traditional marketing portfolio. In particular, we focus on:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The “black magic” of digital marketing – you want keyword phrase rankings, you want traffic, and you want “free leads” from search engines, in particular Google. We can help. Instead of just messing around updating title or meta tags and telling you what to write, we actually help you position yourself as a thought leader in your vertical, and can help you earn the links that search engines need in order to know you’re the authority.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC): The big one, the one thing that every company hears they need to do in order to drive sales or leads online, and with good reason. Paid search is the fastest way to find hand raisers who are ready to engage with your audience. Social marketing, email, affiliate programs – none of them hold a candle to paid search. Depending on your vertical you can have fantastic scalability, a near real time ability to modulate spend to meet your situation, and some of the highest quality traffic you can find online. We should know – we’ve managed over $85 million in spend on paid search and counting, and have done a damn good job doing so.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Probably the most important thing that most companies aren’t doing online is CRO. If your click to lead/sale rate is less than 1%, or 10%, or even 50%, how do you know if that’s good or bad? If you’re not measuring the performance of your conversion pages against variants, you could be putting a ton of money on the table. We’ve taken account with a 0.5% conversion rate to over 15% by altering their campaign setup, their landing pages, and their sales funnel. With a few “easy” changes you can see your revenue multiply by 3,000% or more (we’d be happy to show you these results) – to be clear, yes: We are saying that instead of $1 million in revenue we could multiply that by two, three, or more times just by running A/B and Multivariate tests throughout your funnel.

Paid Leads: Oh, you already have an agency and you’re happy with them? Or you already run all digital marketing in-house? That’s great, but you still want growth, right? We can still work together. Serious A doesn’t only specialize in the agency side of things, we truly specialize in demand generation. That means we can provide you incremental, flat fee, exclusive leads to help you grow your business alongside your internal or managed efforts. What’s more, we’ve successfully helped grow companies in verticals ranging from travel and education, real estate and construction, to health insurance, financial services, and beyond.